Call Me Bill

Shakespeare, that is.

I’m writing a play. I don’t the first thing about play writing but it seemed the best outlet for my idea. The formatting also seemed like a good exercise in discipline. Also, it’s kind of fun pretending you’re at a typewriter; striking the tab key a couple times every line with gusto.

The idea for this play stems from a conversation I’ve been conducting in my head for months now. And that’s what dating and relationships are, really: just an ongoing conversation. I don’t think it matters what the conversation is about, as long as you can learn something from it. This play will just be my contribution to that conversation. I was somewhat inspired by the old Grecian dialogues like likeĀ The Republic: arguments and ideas presented via dialogue.

I have now compared myself to William Shakespeare and Plato. Monumental hubris.

Read my draft for act one and you’ll realize just how much sarcasm those comparisons are laced with.

There’s not a whole lot of action in my play either, it’s meant to be a dialectic.

And apologies to psychiatrists everywhere.


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